Monday, January 26, 2009


I am bored. It is cold and I want to make some new pictures. So, here is what I will do:

If you book a session for a weekday for the rest of January until February 15th, I will give you your session fee for free. Here is the catch: your session has to be Monday thru Thursday between 10 am and 1pm. No prints are included with this deal.

Call my asssistant Hailey to schedule your free session today. 868-8280

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Today I had the great honor of being the official photographer for the local auditions for America's Next Top Model.

As some of you know, I happen to have an amazingly beautiful assistant. Tall, thin AND nice. It is hard not to hate her.

Out of 37 girls today, my beautiful, wonderful, smart, funny assistant WON! She is Great Falls' Next Top Model! For winning today's competion she will move on to the next level. I am not quite sure what that means exactly, but I am sure over the next few days we will get a better feel for what's really going on. At one point I heard she was in the top four, but wow, to win! Damn, I am so flippin' proud and excited!

These are the images we made of her for her application. I like to think the only reason she won was the amazing photography...I'm sure it had nothing to do with the legs that go up to her neck. :P

Friday, January 16, 2009

Amazing Addison!

This week, on top of all the other cool stuff going on, I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful young model named Addison. This woman is so strikingly beautiful- and one of the most laid-back chiquitas I have ever met. Nothing phases this girl! She is easy to work with, too.

Thanks so much for choosing my studio, Addy...I just KNOW you are headed for GREAT things!

Best. Week. Ever.

Yep. I just had the Best.Week.Ever. No, seriously!

Brace yourselves, guys- this is mind blowing it's so cool!

#1. I found out that KRTV 3, in Great Falls was looking for an official photographer for the America's Next Top Model auditions. I called up, and after some serious visiting on the phone

#2. We finally bought our land in Great Falls! It is ours, free and clear. Hopefully within the next 4 years we will have our little house built. I just want a cozy little place that is all my own.

#3. Today (Friday), I got a really cool call from The Historical Society in Great Falls. I have been asked to be the featured artist for the First Friday Exhibit at the Historical Society. Our Grand Opening will be on February 6th. The current display at the Museum is Nose Art from WWII. The director of the Museum had seen my pin-up work at the What Women Want Expo and she asked ME to hang my work. Wow, what an amazing honor!

I have really been walking around pinching myself all day! I really AM the luckiest girl around.

So, mark your calendars for our opening reception at The Cascade County Historical Society, Friday, February 6th, 2009.

Two Cute!

Bridal Fair Season is upon us! On Sunday the 11th we had a booth at the Bridal Extravaganza in Great Falls! We had a GREAT time! We met so many beautiful brides and their families...there were even a few grooms who tagged along (now THAT makes a brave and loving fella!)

Not only did we meet brides, but we booked Valentine's Day sessions, family sessions and even made some contacts for Seniors! What a weekend!

We set up a booth to photograph folks, but if you are not expecting to make a portrait, well, you just aren't gonna have a portrait made....even if it is free, LOL! However, we were lucky enough to meet TWO CUTE little fellas who were in the style show. What a pair they are! The little buckaroo is quite the character- darling fella. His older brother brother was cool as a cucumber, almost like he was a LOT older than he really is.

Three brides took advantage of our huge special- they got our $10,000 package for more than half off! Congrats, ladies, you got the screaming deal of the century!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's Bridal Fair Day!

C'mon down! We have some amazing specials going on today....

In fact, today ONLY you can get our best top wedding package for more than half-off!

Come and see us at the Great Falls Civic Center Convention Center 11-4!
{406} 868-1663

Friday, January 9, 2009

Finally here.

It was time. Time to join the real business world and have a nice website and a blog. So here we are! {Isn't it exciting?}

A few quick notes:
Check back on the blog often...we have some amazing specials and events coming's gonna blow your mind!

Come and see us at the Bridal Fair, Sunday January 11th, 2009 at the Great Falls Civic Center Convention Center...we have a special surprise in store for ya!

Check our website every day over the next's going to get very whiz-bang cool...there just weren't enough hours in the day to get all the coding done.

On that note, I would like to extend a VERY special thanks to Teresa, Doug, Karen and Matt at Shortgrass Web development! You guys rock, you have made my transition to the web so very easy...and beautiful! Can't hardly wait 'til it's done!