Saturday, January 17, 2009


Today I had the great honor of being the official photographer for the local auditions for America's Next Top Model.

As some of you know, I happen to have an amazingly beautiful assistant. Tall, thin AND nice. It is hard not to hate her.

Out of 37 girls today, my beautiful, wonderful, smart, funny assistant WON! She is Great Falls' Next Top Model! For winning today's competion she will move on to the next level. I am not quite sure what that means exactly, but I am sure over the next few days we will get a better feel for what's really going on. At one point I heard she was in the top four, but wow, to win! Damn, I am so flippin' proud and excited!

These are the images we made of her for her application. I like to think the only reason she won was the amazing photography...I'm sure it had nothing to do with the legs that go up to her neck. :P

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  1. she's a little hottie, congrats..yeah love the legs !!!