Friday, January 16, 2009

Two Cute!

Bridal Fair Season is upon us! On Sunday the 11th we had a booth at the Bridal Extravaganza in Great Falls! We had a GREAT time! We met so many beautiful brides and their families...there were even a few grooms who tagged along (now THAT makes a brave and loving fella!)

Not only did we meet brides, but we booked Valentine's Day sessions, family sessions and even made some contacts for Seniors! What a weekend!

We set up a booth to photograph folks, but if you are not expecting to make a portrait, well, you just aren't gonna have a portrait made....even if it is free, LOL! However, we were lucky enough to meet TWO CUTE little fellas who were in the style show. What a pair they are! The little buckaroo is quite the character- darling fella. His older brother brother was cool as a cucumber, almost like he was a LOT older than he really is.

Three brides took advantage of our huge special- they got our $10,000 package for more than half off! Congrats, ladies, you got the screaming deal of the century!

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